Information on Corona-Virus in Ilm-Kreis


  1. General information
  2. Important addresses and telephone numbers
  3. Further multilingual information
  4. News (last update 02.09.2021)

General Information

Here you can find some basic rules for hygiene and behaviour. These rules shall be followed:

  • stay at home as often as possible
  • avoid contact with others (like shaking hands or huging)
  • wash regularily and thoroughly (at least 20 seconds) your hands with water and soap
  • keep your hands away from your face
  • sneeze or cough into inside of the elbow or into a handkerchief
  • air your rooms frequently
  • if possible do not use public transport like buses or train. Instead use a bike or car or go by foot
  • avoid travelling – also in Germany
  • avoid gatherings of humans (shopping)
  • go to public authorities only when necessary
  • avoid bigger festivities

Please take care of humans of the risk groups and avoid direct contact in order to protect them. The risk groups contain:

  • persons older than 50-60 years
  • persons with diabetes, heart diseases (cardiovascular disease), respiratory diseases, liver or kidney diseases, cancer
  • persons with suppressed immune system

Important addresses and telephone numbers

Here you can find some important addresses and telephone numbers in Thuringia and Ilm-Kreis:

  • Hotline for Ilm-Kreis +49 3628 738-888
  • health office Ilmenau +49 3628 738-501
  • Federal German Ministry for Health: +49 30 346 465 100
  • medical on-call duty: +49 116 117
  • medic of Anonymer Krankenschein Thüringen: +49 177 398 7724

For Covid-19 related questions regarding your studies at the TU Ilmenau, you can also contact the international student service we4you:

Further multilingual information


** Current rules in Thuringia (02.09.2021) **

  • Valid from August 24 up to and including September 21, 2021
  • All areas remain generally open
  • Seven-day incidence (new infections per 100,000 inhabitants) is no longer the sole factor determining restrictions.

Early warning system with three factors

  • Factors: seven-day incidence (new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days), protective value (local number of hospital admissions for corona), burden value (statewide utilization of intensive care units)
  • Restrictions are in place if the seven-day incidence + protective value or burden value are exceeded for three consecutive days
  • There is a baseline and three warning levels.
  • Current warning levels for all cities and counties:

Compulsory testing for attendance at university events

  • University events may now only be attended with a negative Corona test.
  • This does not apply to fully vaccinated and recovered people.

Mask obligation

  • Mandatory in all enclosed spaces if open to the public or public access.

Contact tracing

  • Contact details of guests and visitors in enclosed spaces must be collected.
  • Valid for discotheques, brothels,driving schools, music schools, dance schools, choir rehearsals, hotels, guesthouses, bars, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, amusement arcades, public events, sports ( leisure and club).

Events and celebrations

  • Larger private parties are permitted. The Health Department must be notified five business days in advance if more than 70 people will gather outdoors and more than 30 people will gather indoors. Contact information shall be collected.
  • Public events must also be reported to the health department five business days in advance.
  • Events with more than 1,000 people outdoors and more than 500 people indoors are allowed again with permission from the health department. An application must be submitted ten business days in advance.


** Current rules in Thuringia (03.07.2021) **

  • Valid since 01.07.2021
  • General infection protection rules remain (1.5m distance, hygiene, mask)

Contact reduction:

  • Only recommendations, no limitation
  • Recommendation: Meeting with constant circle of people

Private parties:

  • Larger private celebrations and non-public celebrations or events are again possible
  • More than 70 people outdoors and more than 30 people indoors: report to local authority (five working days in advance)
  • If possible: digital contact tracking

Public events:

  • Must be reported to local authority five business days in advance
  • More than 1000 people outdoors and more than 500 people indoors: local authority permission required (apply ten business days in advance)
  • If possible: digital contact tracing

Mandatory testing (not for vaccinated and recovered individuals) indoors:

  • Physical services
  • choir and orchestra rehearsals
  • discotheques, dance clubs
  • brothels, swingers clubs
  • Visiting a care facility

Contact tracing in closed rooms:

  • Public events
  • Leisure facilities, casual sports and organized sports
  • Educational services (driving school, music school, tutoring)
  • School hostels
  • Commercial overnight stays
  • Gym, sauna, swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Discotheques, dance clubs
  • Brothels, swinger clubs
  • Gambling halls, casinos, betting offices

Mask required:

  • In enclosed spaces that are open to the public or where there is public traffic.
  • Applies to persons 16 years of age and older
  • Stores, events (except when seated), medical offices, bus and train, restaurant (except at the table), participants in a meeting or religious events, meetings of community boards (except when seated), visitors to care facilities

Local measures:

  • Stricter measures apply again for incidences above 35, above 50, and above 100


** Current rules in Thuringia (02.06.2021) **

  • Valid from June 2nd, 2021
  • The Thuringian Corona Ordinance provides for mandatory testing in several areas. Those who have recovered or are fully vaccinated are exempt. They are also not included in the contact reduction. Children under the age of 14 do not count there either.
  • If the incidence is over 100, the Federal Law on Emergency Brakes applies

Contact reduction:

Incidence below 100:

  • Inside: a household + two more people.
  • Outside: a household + four other people.

Incidence below 50:

  • Inside: a household + five other people.
  • Outside: a household + ten other people.

Incidence below 35:

  • Indoor: one household + ten other people.
  • Outdoor: no more restrictions, only recommendations


Incidence below 100:

  • Indoor: not allowed
  • Outdoor: allowed with test and prior registration (10 days)

Incidence below 50:

  • Indoor: allowed with test, contact tracking and prior registration (10 days)
  • Outdoor: allowed with test and prior registration (10 days)

Incidence below 35:

  • Indoor: allowed with test and prior registration (2 days)
  • Outdoor: allowed with prior registration (2 days)


Incidence below 100:

  • Indoor: closed
  • Outdoor: open with contact tracking

Incidence below 50:

  • Indoor: open with test and contact tracking
  • Outdoor: open with contact tracking

Incidence below 35:

  • Indoor: open with contact tracking
  • Outdoor: open


Incidence below 100:

  • with test for stores that are not part of the daily needs

Incidence below 50:

  • without test

Hotels und Pensions:

Incidence below 100:

  • open with test and contact tracking
  • 60 % occupancy

Incidence below 50:

  • open with test and contact tracking

Incidence below 35:

  • open with contact tracking

Cinemas, theaters, zoos:

Incidence below 100:

  • Indoor: closed
  • Outdoor: open

Incidence below 50:

  • Indoor: open with test and contact tracking
  • Outdoor: open

Incidence below 35:

  • Indoor: open with contact tracking
  • Outdoor: open

Museums and memorials:

Incidence below 100:

  • Indoor: open with test and contact tracking
  • Outdoor: open

Incidence below 50:

  • Indoor: open with contact tracking
  • Outdoor: open

Swimming pools:

Incidence below 100:

  • Indoor: closed
  • Outdoor: open

Incidence below 50:

  • Indoor: open with test and contact tracking
  • Outdoor: open

Incidence below 35:

  • Indoor: open with contact tracking
  • Outdoor: open


** Current rules in Thuringia (11.05.2021) **

  • The Corona regulation, which has been in force since beginning of April, has been amended in some points.
  • It is valid until 3rd of June.

Facilitations for vaccinated and recovered persons

  • Those who recovered, vaccinated and negative-tested will be treated equally where a negative test is required (hairdresser, retail stores, etc.)
  • Fully vaccinated: 14 days after second vaccination (deviations are possible depending on vaccine)
  • Recovered persons: Positive PCR evidence or medical certificate or certificate from an authority (age: minimum 28 days, maximum 6 months)

Retail and body-related services

  • Retail and e.g. nail spa, cosmetics, tattoo, piercing and wellness massage studio or solariums.
  • May open if incidence is stable below 100


  • Visits to beer gardens, outdoor areas of cafes, and terraces of restaurants
  • May open at stable incidence below 100
  • Indoor areas remain closed
  • An appointment must be booked in advanced


  • Touristic overnight stays in hotels excluded for the time being
  • May open at stable incidence below 100: campsites and holiday apartments

Museums and tourist attractions

  • Museums may open their outdoor areas depending on the occurence of infection
  • The same applies to memorials, castles and other tourist attractions

Music schools

  • May open of incidence is stable below 100: for private lessons


** New federal emergency brake (26.04.2021) **

  • have applied since friday 23.04.2021
  • applies when 7-day incidence exceeds 100 (in the last seven days, there have been a total of more than 100 new infections per 100,000 residents)

Private contacts:

  • One household meets no more than one other person


  • applies from 10 pm to 5 am
  • Sports alone is allowed until midnight


  • testing 2 times per week
  • classes are separated in two groups and taught alternately at school/ at home
  • 7-day incidence > 165: teaching from home

Everyday retail (e.g. supermarkets):

  • limited number of customers depending on size of the store and entering only with mask

Other retail:

  • 7-day incidence < 150: shopping with appointment, test und mask
  • 7-day incidence > 150: closed


  • Outdoor: individual sport with max. 2 personsor same household
  • contactless group sports for five children up to 14 years old

Culture and leisure:

  • without presence
  • closed

Body-related services:

  • medical and similar services, hairdressers, chiropody allowed with FFP2 mask
  • hairdressers and chiropody additionally with test


  • closed
  • Take-away and delivery service is possible


** Community centre Ilmenau: Admission only with a negative Corona rapid test (15.04.2021) **

From 19.04.2021, access to the meeting centre (Begegnungszentrum) is only possible with a negative Corona rapid test. You will find the possibilities for testing on our further announcements. The tests are free of charge.


  • Protection of our staff
  • Rising number of cases in the Ilm district

Still valid:

  • Meetings by appointment

However, you can still contact us in urgent cases through the usual channels:

  • E-mail:
  • WhatsApp/phone: 0152 05902113

We ask for your understanding!

Thank you very much and stay healthy,
Your Ilmenau Refugee Network

** Extension of the Corona rules for Thuringia, relaxations over Easter, temporary mask obligation in Arnstadt (01.04.2021) **

  • Valid from 01 to 24 April

Slight relaxation during the Easter holidays

  • From April 2 to 5, meetings of two households are allowed
  • Maximum five persons
  • Children under 14 years do not count
  • On the other days, the following applies as before: one household + one person from another household

Visiting regulations in care facilities

  • From incidence of 100: one visiting person per day, this person may change daily
  • From an incidence of 200: one visiting person per day, this person may change weekly.
  • Group services beyond the residential area are permitted
  • Day care facilities are allowed to open if the incidence was below 200 for seven days

Personal services

  • Hairdresser, nail salon, cosmetic, tattoo, piercing and massage studio, solarium
  • If persons cannot wear a medical mask, a negative Corona test must be available

Zoos, zoological parks, botanical gardens

  • Opening from 10 April
  • Contact tracing must be done

Obligation to wear a mouth-nose covering in Arnstadt

  • On the market place during market hours
  • In the following areas: “An der Weisse” during bus service times and “Neue Gasse” for the distribution of the “Arnstädter Tafel”


** Map for corona rapid tests in Ilmenau and Ilm-Kreis (19.03.2021) **

Source: Ilm-Kreis

** New Corona Rules for Thuringia – Minor Relaxations (15.03.2021) **

  • Valid from 14 to 31 March.

Contact restrictions

  • Meetings only between people from one household and another person from another household.
  • Children up to and including 13 years of age are not counted.
  • Spouses and registered partners living separately are counted as one household


  • Libraries and archives may open
  • Flying schools are allowed to offer practical lessons again
  • Construction stores are allowed to open (with an appointment)
  • Bookshops and suppliers of children’s shoes are allowed to open
  • Nail, cosmetic, tattoo, piercing and massage studios as well as solariums are allowed to open


  • Anyone entering Thuringia from a Corona risk area must spend ten days in quarantine. The time can be shortened with a negative Corona test. However, this test may only be taken five days after entering the country.
  • Two weeks of quarantine apply to people who come from a region with mutants of the corona virus.


** New Corona Rules for Thuringia (22.02.2021) **

Valid from 19 February to 15 March.

The following changes are effective immediately:

  • No more night curfew
  • Driving schools are allowed to teach again
  • Private childcare for children up to twelve years of age from a maximum of two households is allowed
  • Children up to the age of three no longer count towards contact restrictions
  • Student cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen open again

Wearing of medical masks:

  • Persons aged 15 and over must also wear medical masks (see notification of 27.01.) here:
    • in service enterprises with public traffic
    • during theoretical and practical lessons in driving schools
    • at meetings of municipal committees

Further relaxations will apply from 1 March:

  • Hairdressers, tree nurseries, garden centres, garden centres and florists will be allowed to reopen.

Opening of primary schools and kindergartens:

  • Primary schools open for limited face-to-face teaching from 22.02.2021.
  • Kindergartens open for childcare.
  • Grades 5 and 6 are to follow from 1 March.
  • Grade 7 and above will be allowed to come to schools for face-to-face teaching from 1 March. Requirement: seven-day incidence below 100.
  • Mask obligation in class for pupils from grade 7 onwards


** Lockdown extension and first easings of the restrictions (February 16, 2021) **

  • The lockdown will be extended until 7th of March.
  • Hair salons will open on March 1 under certain hygiene conditions.
  • The federal states will decide on the opening of daycare centers and schools in the next few days. In Thuringia, they are expexted to be opened from February 22.
  • Further easings of the restrictions are possible from a 7-day incidence of 35:
    • in 7 days there should be a maximum of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants
    • Approximately 100,000 inhabitants live in the Ilm district
    • Therefore, in the Ilm district only about 35 people may be newly infected within 7 days.


** Exceptions for teaching in schools (06.02.2021) **

  • The current school closures do not apply to pupils with special support needs.
  • Special support needs apply to pupils who:
    • are particularly dependent on personal contact with the teacher,
    • could not be reached digitally or analogue or only with great difficulty in the past weeks due to their home situation or technical equipment when learning at home,
    • have not been able to complete their school work in the past weeks and months, or have been able to do so only with considerable assistance from the school,
    • are threatened by school refusal,
    • require assistance due to language support needs (pupils with a migration background).
  • Accordingly, attendance classes for these pupils will be possible from 1 February 2021.

Source: Letter on Current Corona Measures from the Thuringian Ministry of Education to the Thuringian schools, 25.01.2021

** New regulation and new rules (27.01.2021) **

The existing measures are extended up to and including 14.02.2021. New rules:

Medical mouth-nose coverings

  • Wearing is compulsory for persons 15 years of age and older:
    • in shops,
    • in public transport,
    • at events and gatherings for religious and ideological purposes,
    • in medical, physiotherapeutic or psychotherapeutic practices.
  • Medical mouth and nose coverings:
    • Type II or IIR surgical masks with CE marking,
    • FFP2 masks without exhalation valve,
    • FFP3 masks without exhalation valve,
    • KN95 and N95 mouth-nose covers without exhalation valve.

Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

Mouth-nose covering at the workplace

  • Employees must wear a mouth-nose covering in the workplace if:
    • the minimum distance to persons is less than 1.5 metres, or
    • in an enclosed space of less than 10 square metres per person.
  • Medical mouth-nose covering is recommended

Care facilities

  • Visitors and all employees must wear FFP2 masks.
  • This also applies to employees of outpatient care services.

Political gatherings

  • Maximum number of participants allowed: 500 outdoors and 50 indoors.
  • From a seven-day incidence of 200: 100 and 25
  • From a seven-day incidence of 300: 10 (outside and inside)

Religious and ideological events

  • Events with more than ten participants must be registered with the local authority at least two working days in advance.

Quarantine obligation in the event of a positive rapid test

  • Persons with a positive rapid antigen test are obliged to stay in their home or accommodation.
  • Contact with other persons must be avoided
  • Existing or emerging symptoms are to be reported to the health authority

Alcohol consumption in public places

  • No consumption in designated public places, places frequented by the public, in front of retail shops and in car parks.

Education, Youth and Sport

  • Schools and day care centres remain closed
  • Exceptions:
    • for performance assessments in final year classes that cannot be postponed
    • for classes taking a final examination in the current school year
    • for classes with special support needs.
  • Obligation to wear a mouth-nose covering when in contact with others. This also applies in class and in emergency care.


** Current entry requirements (19.01.2021) **

  • You want to enter Germany? And you have been in a risk area [1] in the last 10 days?
    • Then you have to fill in the electronic entry declaration (DEA) at
    • You need a negative test result no later than 48 hours after entry. Or a medical certificate.
    • You must stay in quarantine for 10 days.
  • You are entering from a country which is not in the Schengen area [2]? Then you have to present the DEA certificate at the entry control.
[1] Risk areas:
[2] Countries of the Schengen area:;jsessionid=BED2BBA3B5ED3B2795D6A98952C52998.1_cid373


** Extension of lockdown and additional regulations (11.01.2021) **

Pandemic containment measures are extended until Jan. 31, 2021.

Additional Regulations:

  • Private meetings and meetings in public:
    • Persons from one’s own household and one other person from another household.
  • It is recommended to stay only near the place of residence (about 15 km radius)
  • If the incidence level (new infections per 100,000 inhabitants) is above 300 for five days, then demonstrations are limited to 25 people.
  • Retailers can sell goods online and offer them for pickup. Contactless payment is a requirement.


** Lockdown from Wednesday, 16.12.2020 – curfew (16.12.2020) **

In the state of Thuringia, curfew will additionally apply from 12/16/2020 until 01/10/2020. Furthermore, the restrictions of our last article apply.

Apartments and other accommodations may only be left between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. for valid reasons. Valid reasons are:

  • Averting a danger to life and limb
  • medical emergencies and births
  • care and support of sick and needy people as well as necessary care for minors
  • Accompaniment of the dying
  • exercise of rights of access or custody
  • visitation of partners
  • Care of relatives
  • journeys to work
  • the passage through Thuringia
  • participation in special religious gatherings on high holidays
  • care of animals

The exit restrictions do not apply from December 24 to 26 and on December 31 from 10:00 p.m. until January 1 at 3:00 a.m.


** Lockdown from Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020 (Dec. 14, 2020) **

  • valid from December 16, 2020 to January 10, 2021

Private meetings:

  • Own and one other household
  • Maximum 5 persons
  • Children up to 14 years are excluded

Christmas (24 to 26.12.):

  • Meeting with 4 other people from other households allowed.
  • Only from the immediate family

New Year’s Eve:

  • Normal contact restrictions (maximum of 5 people).
  • Nationwide ban on gatherings
  • Nationwide ban on fireworks
  • Sale of pyrotechnics is prohibited


  • Retail is closed
  • Exceptions:
    • Grocery stores and weekly food markets
    • pick-up and delivery services (also from restaurants), beverage markets
    • health food stores, pharmacies, medical supply stores
    • drugstores, opticians, hearing aid specialists
    • gas stations, car and bicycle repair shops
    • Banks and savings banks, post offices
    • dry cleaners, laundromats, newsagents
    • pet supply and feed stores
    • Christmas tree sales stands
  • Closed: Hair salons, beauty parlors, massage parlors, tattoo parlors.

Church services:

  • Possible under conditions (minimum distance, mask requirement, no singing).

Schools and kindergartens:

  • Closed from Dec. 16, 2020, through Jan. 10, 2021
  • Emergency care only


  • From December 16, 2020 to January 10, 2021, the consumption of alcohol in public spaces is prohibited.


** New corona rules for December (30.11.2020) **

  • valid from 1 December to 20 December inclusive

Meetings with friends, relatives and acquaintances are limited to

  • two households and
  • limited to a maximum of five persons.
  • Children under 14 years of age are excluded from this rule.

The obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector will apply in future:

  • in all enclosed spaces,
    • which are publicly accessible, or
    • where there is public access
  • in the open air in city centres in all places with public traffic
  • in public places, wherever people are in close proximity or not just temporarily
  • in front of retail shops and in car parks
  • in workplaces and operating areas other than the workplace, provided that a minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be safely maintained

Rules for Christmas and New Year’s Eve are still pending. For this purpose, the further occurrence of infection is to be observed first.


** District Office Ilm-Kreis closes administration for public transport (16.11.2020) **

  • With the increasing number of infections in the Ilm district, the district administration office will close for visiting traffic from Monday, 16 November 2020
  • The branch offices remain open:
    • Ichtershäuser Straße 13 in Arnstadt
    • Citizen service (Bürgerservice) in Ilmenau, Krankenhausstraße 12a
  • The offices remain available at all times by telephone, e-mail, letter and fax
  • Office hours of the car registration and driver’s license office in the branch offices:
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8:30 am – 12:00 noon
    • Tuesday/Thursday: 8:30 am – 12:00 noon and 13:30 pm – 6:00 pm
  • For appointments in the branch offices or in the district office, it is essential to note the infection prevention regulations
  • Visitors are requested to keep a minimum distance from other people, to wear a mask and to follow the rules of hygiene
  • Contacts to the offices find citizens on the homepage underÄmter-des-Landratsamtes

** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (12th Nov 2020, 9:00 am) **

  • 395 infected people
  • 84 active
  • 304 people recovered
  • 7 deceased people
  • 50.8 new infections in 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants (incidence)
  • Thuringia: 3,141 active infections


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (30th Oct 2020, 7:00 am) **

  • 288 infected people
  • 43 active
  • 238 people recovered
  • 7 deceased people
  • 31.1 new infections in 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants (incidence)
  • Thuringia: 1,886 active infections


** New corona rules for November (30th Oct 2020) **

  • Valid from 2 November 2020
  • Contact of a maximum of ten people from a maximum of two households
  • Gastronomy (e.g. bars, pubs) must close, pick-up and delivery service still permitted
  • Leisure facilities such as cinemas, concert halls and theatres will have to close
  • Overnight stays in hotels and guesthouses are prohibited for tourists
  • Amateur and recreational sports will be discontinued, professional sports will take place without spectators.
  • Beauty salons and massage parlours are closed, hairdressers remain open
  • Schools and kindergartens remain open
  • Wholesale and retail trade remains open subject to conditions


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (08.10.2020, 9:00am) **

  • 218 infected people
  • 8 active
  • 203 recovered people
  • 7 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 279 active infections


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (25.09.2020, 1:00pm) **

  • 215 infected people
  • 34 active
  • 174 recovered people
  • 7 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 269 active infections


** Health department calls upon observing the infection protection! (21.09.2020) **

  • The numbers of infections in Ilm-Kreis increases to 33 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days
  • The critical number according to the Robert-Koch Institute is 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days
  • The health department Ilm-Kreis appeals to be even more careful with infection protection
  • Kay Tischer (alderman of the district):
    • “Observe the rules of hygiene, always wear a mouth-nose cover in stores and on public transport, keep the minimum distance from other people and avoid all unnecessary contact.”
    • “Think carefully about whether visits to relatives in nursing homes can be postponed, whether a private party can be made up for later, and which relatives from risk groups you can protect now and how.”


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (17.09.2020, 9:00am) **

  • 188 infected people
  • 26 active
  • 155 recovered people
  • 7 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 206 active infections


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (09.09.2020, 12:00pm) **

  • 171 infected people
  • 12 active
  • 153 recovered people
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 122 active infections


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (02.09.2020, 02:00pm) **

  • 158 infected people
  • 1 active
  • 151 recovered people
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 117 active infections


** New Thuringian Corona Ordinance – valid from August 30 (20.08.2020)**

The most important changes at a glance:

Visits to nursing homes, homes for the elderly and homes for people with disabilities

  • Visits are generally allowed as long as there are no active corona cases on site.
  • If there are more corona cases in a county or town, a maximum of two visitors per resident may enter the facility daily for up to two hours.
  • If there are Corona cases in a facility, visits are prohibited. If the Corona cases are physically separated from other areas, the ban only applies to this area.

Public events

  • Theatres and orchestras are allowed to open again and offer events in their buildings. They must present an infection protection concept.
  • Cultural dance events (for example folk dance or graduation balls) are permitted again. All participants must be registered with their name.
  • Sexual services in prostitution facilities are possible. No more than two people may be involved at the same time.
  • For open-air events, an infection protection concept must be drawn up and submitted on request. Events with more than 100 persons must be reported to the public health department at least two days in advance.

Private celebrations

  • Private parties and family celebrations in closed rooms with more than 50 persons or in the open air with more than 100 persons must be reported to the public health department at least two days before the event begins.

Prohibited/remains closed:

  • Dance clubs, discos etc.
  • Sexual services in prostitution vehicles/ at prostitution events and swingers’ clubs

All important rules for infection protection remain valid.


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (13.08.2020, 05:00pm) **

  • 154 infected people
  • 6 active
  • 142 recovered people
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 115 active infections


** Obligation to test for travellers from risk areas (07.08.2020) **

Valid from Saturday, 08.08.2020.

Whoever comes from a risk area must:

  • get tested after arrival – free of charge and within 72 hours (e.g. directly at the airport) or
  • have a negative test from the country of origin (not older than 48 hours).

Risk areas:

All travel returnees (including those from non-risk areas) have the possibility to get tested for the coronavirus free of charge within 72 hours after entering Germany.

Sources, German Federal Government:

** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (03.08.2020, 03:00pm) **

  • 146 infected people
  • 5 active
  • 135 recovered people
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 62 active infections


** Childcare and schools from 31st of August (28.07.2020) **

Schools and kindergartens will open in normal operation from 31st of August. Children and adolescents will then be looked after and taught without restrictions. There is a three-stage plan for possible rising infections.

  • Stage 1 – Regular operation with preventive infection protection (GREEN)
    • All children and adolescents receive full care and education.
    • The entire staff is present.
    • Preventive infection control measures apply.
  • Stage 2 – Restricted operation with increased infection protection (YELLOW)
    • Individual infections in kindergartens and schools.
    • Regionally and locally increased infection rates.
    • Several containment measures follow.
  • Stage 3 – Closure (RED)
    • Strongly increasing infection rates.
    • Daycare facilities and schools have to close temporarily.


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (24.07.2020, 09:00am) **

  • 144 infected people
  • 6 active
  • 132 recovered people
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 54 active infections


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (18.07.2020, 09:00am) **

  • 143 infected people
  • 7 active
  • 130 recovered people
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 69 active infections


** Corona Regulation – Overview of the most important adjustments (13.07.2020) **

Valid from 16.07.-30.08.2020

Regulation on visits is extended to

  • two visits per resident or patient for up to two hours per day

Obligation to collect contact data in closed rooms still applies for:

  • restaurants
  • public meetings
  • fairs, special markets, exhibitions
  • indoor and leisure pools, spas, saunas
  • cultural institutions open to the public (museums, theatres, cinemas etc.)

will remain closed until 30th of August:

  • discos, clubs
  • brothels, swinger clubs and similar offers


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (09.07.2020, 07:00am) **

  • 137 infected people
  • 1 active
  • 130 recovered people
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 89 active infections


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (26.06.2020, 09:00am) **

  • 136 infected people
  • 0 active
  • 130 recovered people
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 169 active infections


** Corona warning app (German name: Corona-Warn-App) of the Robert Koch Institute for smartphones (17.06.2020) **

  • The warning app is designed to stop the spread of the corona virus.
  • In case of a positive test for the Corona virus, other users* of the Corona-Warn-App can be notified
  • Smartphones exchange temporary identification numbers (IDs) with other devices via the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard.
  • The app is published by the Robert Koch Institute for the German Federal Government
  • The warning system is based on a voluntary basis.
  • The app will also be published in English. Other languages, including Turkish, are to follow.

Here you can find information about the app in English, Turkish and Arabic:

Here you can find information about how the Corona-Warn-App works (with pictures, in German):

Download the Corona-Warn-App here:
Corona-Warn-App for iOS (Apple):
Corona-Warn-App for Android:


** Restricted public access to the Foreigners Authority (15.06.2020) **

  • The foreigners’ registration office of the Ilm district will resume restricted public access from Monday, 15 June 2020.
  • For legal reasons, already expired residence permits will be extended until September 30, 2020 by means of a general ruling.
  • Foreign citizens will receive an appointment from the authority.
  • An invitation to an appointment is mandatory. Otherwise there is no automatic extension. Appointments without an appointment are still not possible.
  • It is very important to be punctual for the appointment.
  • During the entire stay in the building of the immigration office, suitable mouth and nose protection must be worn.

Link: Allgemeinverfügung 15.06.

** Current case numbers in the Ilm district (15.06.2020, 8 am) **

  • 136 infected people
  • 0 active
  • 130 people recovered
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 341 active infections


** New corona rules in Thuringia (10.06.2020) **

From Saturday, 13.06., the following rules apply in Thuringia:

General Corona Rules in Thuringia

Contact rules are lifted

  • A legally binding contact restriction no longer exists in Thuringia.
  • However, all people are still advised to keep contact with other people to a minimum.
  • It is recommended to meet only with members of another household.
  • It is recommended to meet with no more than ten people.

Distance rule remains

  • Where possible, a minimum distance of at least 1.5 metres must still be maintained.

Masks remain compulsory

  • In shops, in public transport, in trains and in taxis, the obligation to use mouth and nose protection applies.
  • Without a mask, a fine of 50 euros is threatened.

Contact tracing

  • Facilities with public access in closed rooms and restaurants must record the contact details of visitors and have a written infection protection concept.

Kindergartens and schools

  • From 15 June onwards, there will again be a daily care service for all children.
  • From 5th grade onwards, the change between distance and presence teaching will continue.
  • During the summer holidays there is a kindergarten and after-school care.
  • From 31 August onwards, school lessons should return to normal.

Visits to nursing homes, hospitals and retirement homes

  • Patients in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes and institutions for the disabled can be visited by one person.
  • The visiting time is a maximum of two hours.
  • Exceptions: palliative cases or births

Exercise and club sports

  • Recreational sports without contact are allowed outdoors.
    Club sports may take place and clubs may return to halls.
  • Training in martial arts and team sports must be contact-free.
  • Competitions and events with an audience are not permitted.

Celebrations and events

  • Family celebrations, birthdays and weddings are possible again.
    From a number of more than 30 persons in closed rooms and more than 75 persons in the open air, the event must be registered with the district or city two days in advance.
  • Suitable infection protection measures must be taken and contact tracing must be ensured. The responsibility for this lies with the organizer.

Political meetings

  • Demonstrations in the open air are possible without restrictions on the number of participants.

Reopened or permitted in Thuringia:

  • cinemas, concert halls, orchestra and theatre performances
  • Multi-generation houses and facilities for the elderly
  • Day care facilities
  • Indoor swimming pools and saunas
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions (with written permission from the county/town)
  • Coach (bus) events
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Hotels, holiday apartments and camping sites
  • Music schools and driving schools
  • Swimming pools and bathing lakes
  • Gyms
  • Museums, zoos and galleries
  • Hairdressers, cosmetic and nail studios

Further closed or prohibited in Thuringia :

  • Theatres and orchestras sponsored by the state
  • Major events
    • Large events with a minimum of 1,000 participants are initially prohibited until 31 August. Until then no concerts and festivals, village fairs or sporting events with visitors may take place.
  • Discos and clubs
  • Prostitutes, brothels and swingers clubs


** Opening of the open-air swimming pool in Ilmenau (05.06.2020) **

  • Since Wednesday, 03.06., the open-air swimming pool in Ilmenau is open
  • A maximum of 800 people are allowed to enter the open-air swimming pool at the same time
  • Masks are compulsory in the entrance area and in the buildings
  • All pools are open
  • The showers and the hairdryers in the buildings remain locked
  • There are no items for hire, such as beach chairs and deckchairs


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (05.06.2020, 08:00am) **

  • 136 infected people
  • 126 people recovered
  • 6 deceased people
  • Thuringia: 419 active infections


** Current Corona Regulation will be extended by one week (03.06.2020) **

  • The Thuringian State Government extends the Corona Ordinance currently still in force by one week (until 12 June).
  • On Tuesday, June 9, the state government intends to resolve the new regulation, which is to come into force on June 13. Among other things, it provides for a relaxation of contact restrictions.
  • So far only members of two different households are allowed to meet. The obligation to wear masks in shops and in local traffic also continues to apply.


** Information for arriving and returning travellers (03.06.2020) **

  • Persons entering Thuringia from a state outside the member states of the European Union as well as from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland are obliged to go directly to their own apartment or other accommodation immediately after entry. They have to stay in domestic quarantine there for 14 days.
  • During this period, persons in quarantine are not allowed to receive visits from persons who do not belong to their household.
  • Persons in quarantine are obliged to contact their competent authority and inform it if symptoms of the disease appear.

Source, second quarantine regulation of 25th May 2020:

** Opening of town hall and service offices, limited regular operation of day-care centres (03.06.2020) **
Since 02.06.2020, the Ilmenau town hall and the service offices in Gehren, Gräfinau-Angstedt and Langewiesen have been open again for citizens at slightly changed opening hours. The day-care centres open in limited regular operation.

Opening hours:

** Contact restrictions and distance regulations continue to apply (29.05.2020) **
Despite the increasing opening of shops and facilities, the following still applies:

  • Only two families or two household communities may meet
  • A minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained from other persons in public
  • Throughout Thuringia, masks are mandatory in shops and in local traffic (bus, train etc.)
  • Pay attention to sneezing and coughing conduct
  • Ventilate premises regularly
  • Good hand hygiene

**Administrative District Office extends opening hours in the branch offices (29.05.2020)**
The branch offices of the Administrative District Office in Arnstadt, Ichtershäuser Straße 31, and Ilmenau, Krankenhausstraße 12a, are extending their opening hours. From Tuesday, 2 June 2020, the following times will apply in the citizen service offices:

  • Monday: 8:30am-12:00pm (noon)
  • Tuesday: 8:30am-12:00pm (noon) and 1:00pm-6:00pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30am-12:00pm (noon)
  • Thursday: 1:00pm-6:00pm
  • Friday: closed

Independently of this, the Administrative District Office in Arnstadt, Ritterstraße 14, will remain closed to visitors.


** Current case numbers in the Ilm district (29.05.2020, 06:00 hrs) **

  • 135 infected people, of which 8 cases are currently ill
  • 123 people recovered
  • 4 deceased people
  • Thuringia in total: 607 people are currently ill


** Thuringia catalogue of fines – protective masks, 1.5m safety distance (15.05.2020) **

  • If a mask is not worn, although it is mandatory, a fine of 50€ has to be paid. This does not apply if the mask is not worn for medical reasons.
  • Failure to observe the minimum distance of 1.5 metres costs 100 €.
  • Further violations and fines can be found at:

** Current case numbers in im Ilm-Kreis (15.05.2020, 08:20am) **

  • 129 infected people
  • 117 recovered people
  • 4 deceased people
  • Thuringia in total: 2.698 infected people


** The Corona Calendar for May and June (13.05.2020) **

From 13th of May:

  • Facilities will be open and offers will be permitted that are not specifically listed. For example: parent-child spa facilities, women’s and family centres, youth leisure centres and marine aquariums. Hygiene and protection measures must be observed.
  • Visits to hospitals and nursing homes are allowed again but restricted.

From 15th of May:

  • Restaurants, hotels and other tourism offerings are allowed to open.

From 18th of May:

  • Operation of kindergartens will restart. Until 15th of June, they change from extended emergency care to limited regular operation. Details are determined by the local authorities.

From 1st of June:

  • Gyms, open-air swimming pools and swimming lakes will reopen. Club activities, sports and leisure activities are permitted in closed rooms.

Remain closed until 5th of June at least:

  • Indoor swimming pools, saunas, thermal baths, cinemas, discos and brothels. Professional team sports remain prohibited.


** Decision of the Thuringian State Government (08.05.2020) **

From 13th of May

  • Easing of the contact restricitions: two families or two common households are allowed to meet
  • Opening of further facilities in close cooperation with the administrative districts and independent towns
  • Visiting opportunities for relatives of patients or residents in hospitals, nursing homes, facilities for senior citizens’ and disabled people

From 15th of May

  • Opening of gastronomic and touristic offers


** Corona and the world of work – A collection of information of the DGB-Bildungswerk Thuringia e.V. (08.05.2020) **
Currently, there is a lot of information available about the topic „Corona and world of work“. On this page the DGB-Bildungswerk Thuringia e. V. collects information in different languages which are spoken by the employees in Thuringia and Germany.

Link to the website:

**Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (06.05.2020, 10am) **

  • 124 infected people
  • 106 recovered people
  • 4 deceased people
  • Thuringia in total: 2.442 infected people


**Easing of the corona protection requirements – schedule with the most important changes (05/04/2020)**

What will be reopened / is allowed again in Thuringia?

From 4th of May:

  • Opening of shops with sales areas of more than 800 square meters, (e.g. furniture stores)
  • Opening of playgrounds
  • Opening of pedicure facilities, cosmetic and nail salons (with appropriate protective measures)
  • Opening of music schools and youth art schools for individual lessons and lessons in small groups (with appropriate protective measures)
  • Barbershops and hairdressing salons are allowed to open again. However, employees and customers must wear face masks.
  • Opening of driving schools for theoretical instruction and practical training (with appropriate protective measures)
  • Individual outdoor sports, such as rowing, sailing, tennis, air sports, athletics, golf, horse riding and similar sports.
  • The senior classes of Hauptschule and Realschule are returning, as well as the 10th grade that will complete the special performance assessment (BLF) this year.
  • Thuringia’s colleges and universities are starting their summer semester with digital offerings. Classroom-based courses will remain suspended, with the exception of examinations and courses that require special work spaces (laboratories, etc.).

What will remain prohibited or closed for the moment?

Until 25th of May:

  • Public meetings of more than two people not living in the same household. For meetings of people who do not live in the same household, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres still applies.

Until further notice:

  • concert stages
  • Meetings in clubs and other sports and leisure facilities
  • Fitness studios, swimming and water parks
  • Thuringia has a mask obligation. This means that it is forbidden to be in shops or in local transport without a mouth and nose protector. A scarf, cloth or a self-sewn mask is considered sufficient if it covers mouth and nose.

Until 31st of August:

  • Major Events
  • Performance in theatres and orchestras

What else should you do?

  • Forego private trips and visits
  • Wear a mouth and nose mask on buses, trains and in retail outlets (for example supermarkets)
  • keep one’s distance from others
  • Observe rules of etiquette for sneezing and coughing
  • good hand hygiene


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (24.04.2020, 1:45pm) **

  • 120 infected people
  • 94 recovered people
  • 4 deceased people
  • Thuringia in total: 2.048 infected people


** Meetings and church services possible again (23.04.2020) **

  • From today’s Thursday (23.04.2020) demonstrations, meetings and church services are allowed again in Thuringia – with up to 30 participants in closed rooms or up to 50 participants in the open air.
  • Meetings such as birthday parties and barbecues are not covered by the new regulation and remain prohibited.


** Self-sewn mouth and nose masks in Ilmenau for sale (23.04.2020) **

Some women in Ilmenau currently sew mouth and nose masks and offer them for sale. The price is 5€ per mask (1€ of which goes as a donation to the Schülerfreizeitzentrum Ilmenau, there is also the option of a discount). More information about the masks, how to order them and some pictures can be found on the homepage of the Refugee Network Ilmenau:

** Obligation to wear masks in Ilmenau, Ilm-Kreis and Thuringia (22.04.2020) **

Ilm-Kreis and Thuringia are introducing an obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector for certain parts of public life:

  • From 24th of April 2020, the obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector will apply in Ilm-Kreis and in Thuringia when using local public transport (on buses, trains and trams), when shopping in supermarkets and shops, when collecting food and drinks for take-away or delivering them, when entering the offices of service providers or craftsmen’s businesses.
  • From 27th of April 2020, the obligation to wear masks in Ilm-Kreis will be extended to situations in closed rooms or in the fresh air if a minimum distance of 1.50 metres to other people cannot be maintained.
  • For the simple masks, with which mouth and nose are to be covered, simple masks without medical protection, self-produced and tailored models, scarves and cloths are sufficient. They must be made of tightly woven fabrics.
  • Reusable masks must be washable in boiling water to ensure adequate disinfection
  • Excluded from the obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector are outdoor activities such as walking and sports or those who move in public places in the company of people from a joint household. Also excluded are those who move around in their private homes, in their own gardens and on their own property. Also excluded are children who are not yet in school.

How do I put the mask on and off correctly?

  • Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap before putting on the mask.
  • Thus pathogens that you may be carrying on your hands cannot get inside the mask
  • Even after taking off the mask, it is useful to wash your hands

How do I wear the mask correctly?

  • The mask should cover the mouth and nose and fit tightly on the cheeks to allow as little air as possible to enter at the sides.
  • The mask should be removed or replaced when the fabric is damp.

Please continue to observe the rules of distance and hygiene:

  • a distance of one and a half to two meters from other people
  • wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
  • do not touch your face
  • cough and sneeze in the crook of your arm and turn away when doing it

You can find the general disposition of Ilm-Kreis here:



** Overview of the most important aspects of the new regulation (20.04.2020) **

The following still applies:

  • Keep distance (at least 1.5 metres)
  • Observe hygiene measures
  • People living together in the same apartment may stay indoors or outdoors with a maximum of one other person

From 20th of April opening of:

  • Libraries
  • Birth Preparation Courses
  • Day groups for children and adolescents with social need for support
  • Car trade

From 24th of April opening of:

  • Shops up to a sales area of 800 square meters

From 27th of April opening of:

  • Zoological and botanical gardens, animal parks and similar open-air facilities
  • Museums, galleries and exhibitions
  • Information centres
  • Schools for high school graduates

From 3rd of May following meetings are permitted:

  • Meetings in closed rooms (a maximum of 30 people)
  • Meetings in the open air (a maximum of 50 people
  • Worship services and other religious meetings (in closed rooms a maximum of 30 people is allowed, in the open air a maximum of 50 people is allowed)

From 4th of May opening of:

  • Hairdressers and barber shops
  • Schools for further graduating classes

The complete regulation was published on the website of the Thuringian State Chancellery:

** Süd-Thüringen-Bahn (South-Thuringia Railway) timetable for Erfurt-Ilmenau (17.04.2020) **

** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (17.04.2020, 9:15am) **

  • 104 infected people
  • 64 recovered people
  • 2 deceased people
  • Thuringia in total: 1.683 infected people


** What’s next? (16.04.2020) **

  • Contact restrictions are extended until 3 May
  • From 27 April, the school will bring the school-leavers back to the schools so that they can prepare for the Abitur examinations.
  • From 4 May onwards, all classes that have to take examinations for the intermediate school-leaving certificate or BLF (10th grade graduation from grammar school) will be able to resume teaching.
  • By June 2, school operations are to be prepared again for all pupils.
  • Talks are to be held with churches and religious communities about resuming services.
  • A set of rules is to be drawn up to enable assemblies and demonstrations, in order to be able to guarantee the fundamental right of freedom of assembly again.
  • From 27 April, shops with sales areas of up to 800 square metres are to be allowed to reopen. One of the conditions is: Only so many customers may be in the store at any time that an average of 1 customer per 20 square meters of sales area is reached.
  • Recommendation of the Minister Presidents to all people is to wear face masks in public places, especially in retail and public transport
  • From the end of May, the course is to be set for zoos, botanical gardens, archives and museums to reopen.
  • Hairdressers’ shops are to be allowed to open again from 4 May. Requirements: Employees and customers must wear face masks.
  • Until 31 August, there will still be no major events throughout Germany.


**New quarantine regulation for Thuringia (14.04.2020)**

  • The Thuringian Ministry of Health has issued a new quarantine regulation for people entering and returning to Germany.
  • The ordinance is valid from 10th to 19th April.
  • Persons entering Thuringia from abroad must immediately go to their own homes or other suitable accommodation. There they must remain in quarantine for 14 days. This also applies to persons who first entered another federal state. They are not allowed to receive any visitors, except possible roommates.
  • In addition, those affected must report to the authorities. The authorities must also be informed about symptoms of illness.
  • Exceptions are people who bring travellers or goods across the border into Thuringia or who are travelling for reasons of health, public order or diplomacy.

Click here for the regulation (only in German):


** Current case numbers in the Ilm district (14.04.2020, 9:15) **

  • 103 infected people
  • 53 recovered people
  • 2 deceased people
  • Thuringia in total: 1,277 infected people


**Loans for (German and international) students (14.04.2020)**

** Thuringia updates Corona decree (08.04.2020) **

  • Health Minister Heike Werner has updated the Thuringian decree on the containment of Coronavirus
  • the restrictions on staying in public space (regulations on distance, contact restrictions and ban on assembly of more than two people) were extended until 19th of April.
  • People from the closest circle of family and friends may now attend funeral services. Previously, only spouses or life partners and relatives of the first and second degree were allowed.
  • Bookstores are now also allowed to open, as long as the goods can be ordered by telephone or Internet and can be collected without contact.
  • District Administrator of Ilm-Kreis Petra Enders announces intensive controls of the Corona regulation over Easter.

You can find the decree here (in German):

Source 1:

Source 2:,2778.5&ModID=7&FID=2778.2083.1

** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (08.04.2020, 8:30am) **

  • 97 infected people
  • 19 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person
  • Thuringia in total: 1.277 infected people


** Penalties for violations of protection measures against Coronavirus (06.04.2020) **

As of now, violations of the protection measures against Coronavirus in Thuringia will result in penalties:

  • Non-compliance with the 1.50 meter safety distance now result in a 100 euro fine
  • Participation in events with more than two people now costs 200 euros and 1,000 euros for the organizers themselves.
  • Anyone who opens a business to the public must expect to pay up to 5,000 euros. 150 euros are foreseen for customers who, for example, consume their out-of-home food within a ten-metre radius of the restaurant.
  • Violations of the ban on travel returnees (from risk areas) entering public facilities are classified as criminal offences.
  • Violations of assembly bans with more than seven people are also classified as criminal offences.

You can find the complete catalogue of fines here (only in German):


** Quarantine in Neustadt (15km away from Ilmenau) lifted (06.04.2020) **

  • The quarantine in Neustadt am Rennsteig was lifted on Sunday at midnight 12am.
  • The access roads were reopened from midnight.
  • Residents with a negative test can go back to work on Monday.
  • Currently there are 47 people infected people with Corona in Neustadt am Rennsteig. That is about 50 percent of the cases in Ilm-Kreis.


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (06.04.2020, 8:30am) **

  • 93 infected people
  • 19 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person
  • Thuringia in total: 1,293 infected people

** Regular school lessons in Thuringia not before the end of April (04/03/2020) **

  • Easter holidays: 6th April to 18th April
  • The federal and state governments will not decide when the schools will reopen until 16th April at a meeting
  • If the schools will reopen, at least one more week is necessary for them to start again

** Emergency care for children (04/03/2020) **

The following children are allowed to participate in emergency care in schools and kindergartens:

  • Children where one parent is directly involved in the care of sick persons or persons in need of care
  • Children of parents who both work in the medical, nursing field (eg hospital / doctor’s practice / nursing home) or in areas with responsibility for public safety (eg police or public order office)
  • Children of parents who both work in critical infrastructure (eg energy supply, post office, waste disposal, cleaning, court, passenger transport, food supply)
  • Children who require care due to child protection

Note that this page is only in German. For support with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304).

** Extension of the decree until 19.04.2020 (02.04.2020) **
For the moment, the current restrictions on public life will remain in place until 19th of April. This was decided by the Federal Governments and Federal States. Also over the Easter holidays: Minimize your contacts to the absolutely necessary. Do not travel – neither abroad nor in Germany, not even to relatives. The Federal Government and the Federal States are counting on as many people as possible to keep to the rules. 
You can find the current regulations in our news below. 
** Important information on emergency aid and funding opportunities for companies and self-employed (02.04.2020) **
Unfortunately this page is only in German. For support with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304).


** Currently open retailers and shops in Ilmenau (02.04.2020) **
Unfortunately this page is only in German. For support with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304).


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (02.04.2020, 10:40am) **
  • 65 infected people
  • 3 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person
  • Thuringia in total: 935 infected people 

**Current timetable of train between Erfurt and Ilmenau (1st – 19th of April 2020) **


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (31.03.2020, 9:30am) **

  • 58 infected people
  • 3 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person
  • Thuringia in total: 798 infected people


** Current case numbers in the Ilm district (30.03.2020, 8:30 a.m.) **

  • 55 infected persons
  • 3 recovered persons
  • 1 deceased person


** Help with violence against women **

Source: Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Affairs (Bundesamt für Familie und zivilgesellschaftliche Aufgaben)

** Help with domestic violence **

The current situation puts people in a state of emergency. You can find telephone help with domestic violence here:

  • Child and youth care telephone (for young people who are looking for an open ear): 0800 008 00 80 or 116 111 (only available within Germany)
  • Parents’ telephone (in case of problems, questions and distress of parents): 0800 111 0 550 (only available within Germany)
  • Muslim pastoral care telephone (the staff of MuTeS are available 24 hours a day / Tuesdays also in Turkish): 030 – 44 35 09 821 / Internet:

Editor’s note: German is the primary language spoken on these hotlines.
For assistance with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304)


** “Fair Mobility” telephone hotline for Eastern European migrants **

  • of the German Trade Union Federation (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund / DGB)
  • for questions on labour law in Germany during the Corona crisis
  • Languages:

Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian: 0800 0005776

Bulgarian: 0800 1014341

Polish: 0800 0005780

Romanian: 0800 0005602

Hungarian: 0800 0005614

Source: DGB Fair Mobility Project

** Psychosocial counseling in several languages by Ipso **

Multilingual psychosocial online counseling in Thuringia

Contact in Thuringia:

Website (throughout Germany):

**New regulation of 26.03.2020**

Since yesterday there is an extension of the Corona regulations.
In addition, the following things are now forbidden as well:

  • Meeting in churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious/spiritual places
  • Driving lessons and driving schools must close


** Multilingual brochure of the Flüchtlingsrat Thüringen e. v. (Refugee Council Thuringia – registered association) on the subject of the corona virus **


German , English , French , Spanish , Turkish , Arabic, Farsi , Russian , Kurdish , Italian , Somali , Chechen

**Information about the Foreigners’ Registration Office, the Social Welfare Office and job center in Ilmenau **
The Foreigners’ Regristration Office, the Social Welfare Office and the job center will remain closed for visits until 19.04.2020. There will be no personal appointments. However, the authorities can still be reached by telephone/email or by post.

ALL residence papers (residence permit, temporary residence permit, toleration, visa …) which expire between 18.03.2020 and 30.06.2020 are automatically extended until 30.06.2020.

Source: Email of the Social Wellfare Office from 25.03.2020

**Quarantine in Neustadt (15km from Ilmenau)**

  • excluded from quarantine is the district Kahlert
  • all people who stayed in Neustadt from 8th to 22nd of March 2020 are obliged to go into quarantine for two weeks.
  • Access is only permitted to residents. They must be quarantined immediately.
  • The following also have access: nursing services, rescue services, medical home visits and delivery traffic for supplies. Only these are allowed to leave the village.


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (26.03.2020, 7:30am) **

  • 24 infected people
  • 3 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person


** Live-Blog on Corona-Virus **
The Live-Blog of the “tagesschau” is currently translated in English. The Blog is updated on a daily basis between 9am and 5.30pm. You can find the blog here:

** Important note **

If you experience symptoms such as coughing, fever, scratchy throat and a runny nose, or if you have been in contact with an infected person, please call a doctor only. Do not go there. You will find important telephone numbers in our introduction at the top of this page / under “general information”.

** Message from the district administrator of the Ilm district (24.03.2020)**

District Administrator Petra Enders addresses the population with an urgent appeal.
“Some people still don’t seem to understand how serious the situation is. […] Over the weekend we had to close down several events and a restaurant with the help of the public order offices. This behaviour is absolutely irresponsible. It endangers the weakest members of our society and opens the way for a further spread of the corona virus. Anyone who violates the public order is committing crimes and we will punish them.”

We advise all persons to be careful and to follow the regulations regarding Corona and the quarantine orders. You can find the current regulations in our report on the decision of the Federal Government of the 22.03.2020 / the general order of the 19.03.2020 as well as under these links (only in German): and


**Flüchtlingsrat Thüringen e.V. publishes multilingual information for refugees about #Corona **

** Free online language services **

** Free multilingual learning platform (tutoring for school) **

  • For pupils, parents and teachers
  • free of charge until the end of the school year
  • Introduction only in German and English
  • languages of the content: German, English, Arabic, Dari, Swedish, Tigrinya and Somali

**Decision of the Federal Government of 22.03.2020**

  • Decision valid for at least two weeks, so until 05.04.2020
  • reduction of contacts to a minimum (except for people living in their own home)
  • 1.5m distance to other people in public (except for people living in their own home)
  • meetings in public with only one person allowed (except with people living in their own home)

Possible are:

  • way to work
  • emergency care
  • purchases at the supermarket
  • visits to a doctor
  • attendance at meetings, necessary appointments and examinations
  • help for others
  • individual sport
  • exercise or taking a walk outside
  • other necessary activities

Not accepted is the celebration in groups:

  • in public places
  • in apartments
  • in private institutions

Closed are:

  • restaurants and pubs (exception: take-away offers)
  • hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours, tattoo studios
  • Hygiene regulations must be observed

The chancellor and Prime Minister thank the people in the medical and public service as well as the citizens who are helping to contain the Covid19 pandemic.


** Neustadt (Ilm Kreis) under quarantine (22.03.2020)**

  • The village Neustadt (Ilm Kreis) is under quarantine since Sunday evening (22nd of March)
  • Duration: two weeks (until 5th of April)
  • Nobody in Neustadt is getting in or out now
  • The basic supply in the village is further secured.
  • 6 of the 11 corona cases in Ilm Kreis live in Neustadt


** 10 confirmed corona cases in Ilm-Kreis (March 21st)**

  • 4 new cases in Ilm-Kreis
  • Total: 10 people in quarantine at home

[1, 21.03.2020, 6 pm],2778.5&ModID=7&FID=2778.1947.1
[2, 21.03.2020, 10 am]

** Multilingual info pages **
“WDRforyou” offers up-to-date information, also about the corona virus in Persian, Arabic, English and German. You can subscribe to breaking news via Facebook Messenger. Link:

The “handbook germany” offers daily updated information in the languages:

**General restrictions and allowances effective from March 19, 2020**

*Applicable until April 19, 2020*

Additions to list of prohibitions:

  • Playgrounds may not be used
  • Accidental or agreed gatherings in parks are prohibited

Services to be closed:

  • Hairdressers and barber shops
  • Tattoo, piercing and cosmetic studios
  • Massage and wellness studios
  • Accommodation for tourists

Services still available:

  • Funeral services (only outdoors and limited to a few people)
  • Weddings are only open to marrying couple, registrars, witnesses and the parents and children of the marrying couple if any
  • Blood donation clinics
  • Out-of-house food sales by restaurants (gathering around restaurants is prohibited and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be kept between people standing in a queue)
  • Counselling on pregnancy-related issues

**Timetable change South Thuringian Railways (Süd Thüringen Bahn)**

  • valid from Friday, March 20th until Sunday, April 19th, 2020 (subject to possible change)
  • South Thuringian Railways has decided to reduce the frequency of trains on the Erfurt – Ilmenau – Rennsteig route
  • There will be no replacement for train services on Friday / Saturday and Saturday / Sunday nights, as well as for the weekend service between Ilmenau and Rennsteig

Updated timetable:

**Multilingual information by representatives for integration (20.03.2020)**
multilingual information about the Corona Virus offered by representatives for integration:

** Violation of quarantine/curfews and consequences for the right of residence (20.03.2020) **
According to German law (IfSG), violations of quarantine/curfews can result in prison sentences (up to five years) or fines. In case of a conviction the same rules apply as for other offences. It is possible that a conviction has long-term consequences for the stay/residence.

We ask you to pass on this information and advise especially persons in the asylum procedure or with residence permit to be careful. The regulations regarding Corona as well as the quarantine orders must be kept in mind.

** Daniel Schultheiss, Mayor of the city of Ilmenau (March 20, 2020, 4:30 p.m.) **
I would like to begin today with a very warm thank you. I would like to thank all those who are now more than ever here for us in #Ilmenau. All the people who are there as service providers, as workers, in health care, in supermarkets or simply as neighbourly helpers in need. I would also like to thank all those who accept the decreed measures and understand why we have to minimize social contacts now. You are an example for all others! Only in this way can we effectively protect the risk groups. […]

As of today, another general decree of the Ilm district is in effect, which obliges all travel returnees of the last two weeks – including those from non-risk countries – to spend 14 days in domestic quarantine and to contact the public health department (03628 738-888 – German only) [1]. So if you have just or recently been abroad, please call them. Also inform your friends and neighbours. This way we minimize the risks for everyone. [Editor’s note: For information in English or assistance with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304)].

[1] Source:

Stay healthy!

** Restricted timetable in public transport (ÖPNV) from Tuesday, March 24**
From Tuesday (24th March 2020) a restricted public transport system will apply in the Ilm district. Notices will be published at the bus stops. Entering the buses trough the front door is forbidden.

** Fourth confirmed case of Coronavirus infection (as of March 19, 2020) **

  • The fourth case of coronavirus infection was confirmed in the Ilm-Kreis region.
  • 52-year-old woman tested positive for the Coronavirus after she had symptoms of flu.
  • She is being treated at home. The health department has contacted the people she had contact with and has arranged for them to be quarantined.

** These Facilities and Buildings Stay Open (19.03.2020, 8:18 Uhr) **

  • Bakeries, Butchers
  • Supermarkets
  • Banks
  • Farmacies
  • Chemists/Drugstores
  • Hearing aid acoustician and opticians
  • Deutsche Post and logistic companies
  • Pick-up service/Delivery Service
  • Laundries
  • Gas stations
  • Hardware stores & pet needs
  • Whole sale

Closed and Forbidden: 

  • bars, clubs, theatres, cinemas, concert halls/buildings, museums
  • fitness centres, swimming pools, saunas, solaria
  • offers of Volkshochschule, music schools and other educational programmes
  • associations and meetings in associations, all sport and leisure centres and offers
  • amusement halls
  • dancing events
  • fairs, exhibitions, markets
  • prostitution facilities
  • family centres, family leisure time centres
  • Mehrgenerationenhäuser (houses/centres for activities and meetings of different generations)
  • clubs and offices for the interest of elderly people
  • youth education centres, youth leisure centres, youth hostels
  • centres for guidance/counselling/advice
  • centres for women‘ interests

Attention: Also events and meetings outside of buildings are forbidden


** Daniel Schultheiss, mayor of the town Ilmenau (18.03.2020, 17 Uhr) **

  • two confirmed cases of Corona in Ilm-Kreis
  • Intiative for pupils for exam preparation:
  • Digital help for pupils with their homework:
  • if the measurements of the gouvernment show positive results, this can only be seen in two weeks time
  • important: stay together emotionally, stay in distance phisically
  • distance and hygiene are the best protection
  • going out, taking in fresh air in nature is fine
  • but only when staying distance between other persons

** town hall closed **

Since Wednesday, the town hall is closed.

contact possibilities

  • head mayor 03677 600-128
  • mayor 03677 600-126
  • head office 03677 600-111
  • finance department/Kämmerei 03677 600-145
  • regulatory authority/Ordnungsamt 03677 600-238
  • social security office/Kultur- und Sozialamt 03677 600-343
  • building authority/Bauamt 03677 600-226
  • Sport- und Betriebsamt 03677 600-610
[Editor’s note: For information in English or assistance with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304)]

** 17 March 2020: Refugee Council Thuringia provides multilingual Information on their website **
The Refugee Council of Thuringia has collected several relevant sources of information on the Corona-Virus. It can be found at their website:

** 17 March 2020: All schools and kindergardens are closed in Thuringia **
Starting from today, all schools and kindergardens are closed in Thuringia until 19 April 2020. This was decided by the Thuringian Ministery of Education