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On this webpage, you can find information to Covid19 (Corona-Virus) and the situation in Thuringia and the Ilm-Kreis respectively. We try to update the information on a regular basis.

general information (please click here)

Here you can find some basic rules for hygiene and behaviour. These rules shall be followed:

  • stay at home as often as possible
  • avoid contact with others (like shaking hands or huging)
  • wash regularily and thoroughly (at least 20 seconds) your hands with water and soap
  • keep your hands away from your face
  • sneeze or cough into inside of the elbow or into a handkerchief
  • air your rooms frequently
  • if possible do not use public transport like buses or train. Instead use a bike or car or go by foot
  • avoid travelling – also in Germany
  • avoid gatherings of humans (shopping)
  • go to public authorities only when necessary
  • avoid bigger festivities

Please take care of humans of the risk groups and avoid direct contact in order to protect them. The risk groups contain:

  • persons older than 50-60 years
  • persons with diabetes, heart diseases (cardiovascular disease), respiratory diseases, liver or kidney diseases, cancer
  • persons with suppressed immune system

Here you can find some important addresses and telephone numbers in Thuringia and Ilm-Kreis:

  • Hotline for Ilm-Kreis 03628 738-888
  • health office Ilmenau 03628 738-501
  • Federal German Ministry for Health: +49 30 346 465 100
  • medical on-call duty: 116 117
  • medic of Anonymer Krankenschein Thüringen: +49 177 398 7724
[Editor’s note: For information in English or assistance with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304)].

further multilingual information (germanwide) (please click here)

Please inform yourself regularly on the current events. We send our information also via whatsapp and publish them at Facebook.

Current news can be found here (last update 04/08/2020):

** Thuringia updates Corona decree (08.04.2020) **

  • Health Minister Heike Werner has updated the Thuringian decree on the containment of Coronavirus
  • the restrictions on staying in public space (regulations on distance, contact restrictions and ban on assembly of more than two people) were extended until 19th of April.
  • People from the closest circle of family and friends may now attend funeral services. Previously, only spouses or life partners and relatives of the first and second degree were allowed.
  • Bookstores are now also allowed to open, as long as the goods can be ordered by telephone or Internet and can be collected without contact.
  • District Administrator of Ilm-Kreis Petra Enders announces intensive controls of the Corona regulation over Easter.

You can find the decree here (in German):

Source 1:

Source 2:,2778.5&ModID=7&FID=2778.2083.1

** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (08.04.2020, 8:30am) **

  • 97 infected people
  • 19 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person
  • Thuringia in total: 1.277 infected people


** Penalties for violations of protection measures against Coronavirus (06.04.2020) **

As of now, violations of the protection measures against Coronavirus in Thuringia will result in penalties:

  • Non-compliance with the 1.50 meter safety distance now result in a 100 euro fine
  • Participation in events with more than two people now costs 200 euros and 1,000 euros for the organizers themselves.
  • Anyone who opens a business to the public must expect to pay up to 5,000 euros. 150 euros are foreseen for customers who, for example, consume their out-of-home food within a ten-metre radius of the restaurant.
  • Violations of the ban on travel returnees (from risk areas) entering public facilities are classified as criminal offences.
  • Violations of assembly bans with more than seven people are also classified as criminal offences.

You can find the complete catalogue of fines here (only in German):


** Quarantine in Neustadt (15km away from Ilmenau) lifted (06.04.2020) **

  • The quarantine in Neustadt am Rennsteig was lifted on Sunday at midnight 12am.
  • The access roads were reopened from midnight.
  • Residents with a negative test can go back to work on Monday.
  • Currently there are 47 people infected people with Corona in Neustadt am Rennsteig. That is about 50 percent of the cases in Ilm-Kreis.


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (06.04.2020, 8:30am) **

  • 93 infected people
  • 19 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person
  • Thuringia in total: 1,293 infected people

** Regular school lessons in Thuringia not before the end of April (04/03/2020) **

  • Easter holidays: 6th April to 18th April
  • The federal and state governments will not decide when the schools will reopen until 16th April at a meeting
  • If the schools will reopen, at least one more week is necessary for them to start again

** Emergency care for children (04/03/2020) **

The following children are allowed to participate in emergency care in schools and kindergartens:

  • Children where one parent is directly involved in the care of sick persons or persons in need of care
  • Children of parents who both work in the medical, nursing field (eg hospital / doctor’s practice / nursing home) or in areas with responsibility for public safety (eg police or public order office)
  • Children of parents who both work in critical infrastructure (eg energy supply, post office, waste disposal, cleaning, court, passenger transport, food supply)
  • Children who require care due to child protection

Note that this page is only in German. For support with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304).

** Extension of the decree until 19.04.2020 (02.04.2020) **
For the moment, the current restrictions on public life will remain in place until 19th of April. This was decided by the Federal Governments and Federal States. Also over the Easter holidays: Minimize your contacts to the absolutely necessary. Do not travel – neither abroad nor in Germany, not even to relatives. The Federal Government and the Federal States are counting on as many people as possible to keep to the rules. 
You can find the current regulations in our news below. 
** Important information on emergency aid and funding opportunities for companies and self-employed (02.04.2020) **
Unfortunately this page is only in German. For support with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304).

** Currently open retailers and shops in Ilmenau (02.04.2020) **
Unfortunately this page is only in German. For support with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304).

** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (02.04.2020, 10:40am) **
  • 65 infected people
  • 3 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person
  • Thuringia in total: 935 infected people 

**Current timetable of train between Erfurt and Ilmenau (1st – 19th of April 2020) **


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (31.03.2020, 9:30am) **

  • 58 infected people
  • 3 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person
  • Thuringia in total: 798 infected people


** Current case numbers in the Ilm district (30.03.2020, 8:30 a.m.) **

  • 55 infected persons
  • 3 recovered persons
  • 1 deceased person


** Help with violence against women **

Source: Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Affairs (Bundesamt für Familie und zivilgesellschaftliche Aufgaben)

** Help with domestic violence **

The current situation puts people in a state of emergency. You can find telephone help with domestic violence here:

  • Child and youth care telephone (for young people who are looking for an open ear): 0800 008 00 80 or 116 111 (only available within Germany)
  • Parents’ telephone (in case of problems, questions and distress of parents): 0800 111 0 550 (only available within Germany)
  • Muslim pastoral care telephone (the staff of MuTeS are available 24 hours a day / Tuesdays also in Turkish): 030 – 44 35 09 821 / Internet:

Editor’s note: German is the primary language spoken on these hotlines.
For assistance with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304)


** “Fair Mobility” telephone hotline for Eastern European migrants **

  • of the German Trade Union Federation (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund / DGB)
  • for questions on labour law in Germany during the Corona crisis
  • Languages:

Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian: 0800 0005776

Bulgarian: 0800 1014341

Polish: 0800 0005780

Romanian: 0800 0005602

Hungarian: 0800 0005614

Source: DGB Fair Mobility Project

** Psychosocial counseling in several languages by Ipso **

Multilingual psychosocial online counseling in Thuringia

Contact in Thuringia:

Website (throughout Germany):

**New regulation of 26.03.2020**

Since yesterday there is an extension of the Corona regulations.
In addition, the following things are now forbidden as well:

  • Meeting in churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious/spiritual places
  • Driving lessons and driving schools must close


** Multilingual brochure of the Flüchtlingsrat Thüringen e. v. (Refugee Council Thuringia – registered association) on the subject of the corona virus **


German , English , French , Spanish , Turkish , Arabic, Farsi , Russian , Kurdish , Italian , Somali , Chechen

**Information about the Foreigners’ Registration Office, the Social Welfare Office and job center in Ilmenau **
The Foreigners’ Regristration Office, the Social Welfare Office and the job center will remain closed for visits until 19.04.2020. There will be no personal appointments. However, the authorities can still be reached by telephone/email or by post.

ALL residence papers (residence permit, temporary residence permit, toleration, visa …) which expire between 18.03.2020 and 30.06.2020 are automatically extended until 30.06.2020.

Source: Email of the Social Wellfare Office from 25.03.2020

**Quarantine in Neustadt (15km from Ilmenau)**

  • excluded from quarantine is the district Kahlert
  • all people who stayed in Neustadt from 8th to 22nd of March 2020 are obliged to go into quarantine for two weeks.
  • Access is only permitted to residents. They must be quarantined immediately.
  • The following also have access: nursing services, rescue services, medical home visits and delivery traffic for supplies. Only these are allowed to leave the village.


** Current case numbers in Ilm-Kreis (26.03.2020, 7:30am) **

  • 24 infected people
  • 3 recovered people
  • 1 deceased person


** Live-Blog on Corona-Virus **
The Live-Blog of the “tagesschau” is currently translated in English. The Blog is updated on a daily basis between 9am and 5.30pm. You can find the blog here:

** Important note **

If you experience symptoms such as coughing, fever, scratchy throat and a runny nose, or if you have been in contact with an infected person, please call a doctor only. Do not go there. You will find important telephone numbers in our introduction at the top of this page / under “general information”.

** Message from the district administrator of the Ilm district (24.03.2020)**

District Administrator Petra Enders addresses the population with an urgent appeal.
“Some people still don’t seem to understand how serious the situation is. […] Over the weekend we had to close down several events and a restaurant with the help of the public order offices. This behaviour is absolutely irresponsible. It endangers the weakest members of our society and opens the way for a further spread of the corona virus. Anyone who violates the public order is committing crimes and we will punish them.”

We advise all persons to be careful and to follow the regulations regarding Corona and the quarantine orders. You can find the current regulations in our report on the decision of the Federal Government of the 22.03.2020 / the general order of the 19.03.2020 as well as under these links (only in German): and


**Flüchtlingsrat Thüringen e.V. publishes multilingual information for refugees about #Corona **

** Free online language services **

** Free multilingual learning platform (tutoring for school) **

  • For pupils, parents and teachers
  • free of charge until the end of the school year
  • Introduction only in German and English
  • languages of the content: German, English, Arabic, Dari, Swedish, Tigrinya and Somali

**Decision of the Federal Government of 22.03.2020**

  • Decision valid for at least two weeks, so until 05.04.2020
  • reduction of contacts to a minimum (except for people living in their own home)
  • 1.5m distance to other people in public (except for people living in their own home)
  • meetings in public with only one person allowed (except with people living in their own home)

Possible are:

  • way to work
  • emergency care
  • purchases at the supermarket
  • visits to a doctor
  • attendance at meetings, necessary appointments and examinations
  • help for others
  • individual sport
  • exercise or taking a walk outside
  • other necessary activities

Not accepted is the celebration in groups:

  • in public places
  • in apartments
  • in private institutions

Closed are:

  • restaurants and pubs (exception: take-away offers)
  • hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours, tattoo studios
  • Hygiene regulations must be observed

The chancellor and Prime Minister thank the people in the medical and public service as well as the citizens who are helping to contain the Covid19 pandemic.


** Neustadt (Ilm Kreis) under quarantine (22.03.2020)**

  • The village Neustadt (Ilm Kreis) is under quarantine since Sunday evening (22nd of March)
  • Duration: two weeks (until 5th of April)
  • Nobody in Neustadt is getting in or out now
  • The basic supply in the village is further secured.
  • 6 of the 11 corona cases in Ilm Kreis live in Neustadt


** 10 confirmed corona cases in Ilm-Kreis (March 21st)**

  • 4 new cases in Ilm-Kreis
  • Total: 10 people in quarantine at home

[1, 21.03.2020, 6 pm],2778.5&ModID=7&FID=2778.1947.1
[2, 21.03.2020, 10 am]

** Multilingual info pages **
“WDRforyou” offers up-to-date information, also about the corona virus in Persian, Arabic, English and German. You can subscribe to breaking news via Facebook Messenger. Link:

The “handbook germany” offers daily updated information in the languages:

**General restrictions and allowances effective from March 19, 2020**

*Applicable until April 19, 2020*

Additions to list of prohibitions:

  • Playgrounds may not be used
  • Accidental or agreed gatherings in parks are prohibited

Services to be closed:

  • Hairdressers and barber shops
  • Tattoo, piercing and cosmetic studios
  • Massage and wellness studios
  • Accommodation for tourists

Services still available:

  • Funeral services (only outdoors and limited to a few people)
  • Weddings are only open to marrying couple, registrars, witnesses and the parents and children of the marrying couple if any
  • Blood donation clinics
  • Out-of-house food sales by restaurants (gathering around restaurants is prohibited and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be kept between people standing in a queue)
  • Counselling on pregnancy-related issues

**Timetable change South Thuringian Railways (Süd Thüringen Bahn)**

  • valid from Friday, March 20th until Sunday, April 19th, 2020 (subject to possible change)
  • South Thuringian Railways has decided to reduce the frequency of trains on the Erfurt – Ilmenau – Rennsteig route
  • There will be no replacement for train services on Friday / Saturday and Saturday / Sunday nights, as well as for the weekend service between Ilmenau and Rennsteig

Updated timetable:

**Multilingual information by representatives for integration (20.03.2020)**
multilingual information about the Corona Virus offered by representatives for integration:

** Violation of quarantine/curfews and consequences for the right of residence (20.03.2020) **
According to German law (IfSG), violations of quarantine/curfews can result in prison sentences (up to five years) or fines. In case of a conviction the same rules apply as for other offences. It is possible that a conviction has long-term consequences for the stay/residence.

We ask you to pass on this information and advise especially persons in the asylum procedure or with residence permit to be careful. The regulations regarding Corona as well as the quarantine orders must be kept in mind.

** Daniel Schultheiss, Mayor of the city of Ilmenau (March 20, 2020, 4:30 p.m.) **
I would like to begin today with a very warm thank you. I would like to thank all those who are now more than ever here for us in #Ilmenau. All the people who are there as service providers, as workers, in health care, in supermarkets or simply as neighbourly helpers in need. I would also like to thank all those who accept the decreed measures and understand why we have to minimize social contacts now. You are an example for all others! Only in this way can we effectively protect the risk groups. […]

As of today, another general decree of the Ilm district is in effect, which obliges all travel returnees of the last two weeks – including those from non-risk countries – to spend 14 days in domestic quarantine and to contact the public health department (03628 738-888 – German only) [1]. So if you have just or recently been abroad, please call them. Also inform your friends and neighbours. This way we minimize the risks for everyone. [Editor’s note: For information in English or assistance with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304)].

[1] Source:

Stay healthy!

** Restricted timetable in public transport (ÖPNV) from Tuesday, March 24**
From Tuesday (24th March 2020) a restricted public transport system will apply in the Ilm district. Notices will be published at the bus stops. Entering the buses trough the front door is forbidden.

** Fourth confirmed case of Coronavirus infection (as of March 19, 2020) **

  • The fourth case of coronavirus infection was confirmed in the Ilm-Kreis region.
  • 52-year-old woman tested positive for the Coronavirus after she had symptoms of flu.
  • She is being treated at home. The health department has contacted the people she had contact with and has arranged for them to be quarantined.

** These Facilities and Buildings Stay Open (19.03.2020, 8:18 Uhr) **

  • Bakeries, Butchers
  • Supermarkets
  • Banks
  • Farmacies
  • Chemists/Drugstores
  • Hearing aid acoustician and opticians
  • Deutsche Post and logistic companies
  • Pick-up service/Delivery Service
  • Laundries
  • Gas stations
  • Hardware stores & pet needs
  • Whole sale

Closed and Forbidden: 

  • bars, clubs, theatres, cinemas, concert halls/buildings, museums
  • fitness centres, swimming pools, saunas, solaria
  • offers of Volkshochschule, music schools and other educational programmes
  • associations and meetings in associations, all sport and leisure centres and offers
  • amusement halls
  • dancing events
  • fairs, exhibitions, markets
  • prostitution facilities
  • family centres, family leisure time centres
  • Mehrgenerationenhäuser (houses/centres for activities and meetings of different generations)
  • clubs and offices for the interest of elderly people
  • youth education centres, youth leisure centres, youth hostels
  • centres for guidance/counselling/advice
  • centres for women‘ interests

Attention: Also events and meetings outside of buildings are forbidden


** Daniel Schultheiss, mayor of the town Ilmenau (18.03.2020, 17 Uhr) **

  • two confirmed cases of Corona in Ilm-Kreis
  • Intiative for pupils for exam preparation:
  • Digital help for pupils with their homework:
  • if the measurements of the gouvernment show positive results, this can only be seen in two weeks time
  • important: stay together emotionally, stay in distance phisically
  • distance and hygiene are the best protection
  • going out, taking in fresh air in nature is fine
  • but only when staying distance between other persons

** town hall closed **

Since Wednesday, the town hall is closed.

contact possibilities

  • head mayor 03677 600-128
  • mayor 03677 600-126
  • head office 03677 600-111
  • finance department/Kämmerei 03677 600-145
  • regulatory authority/Ordnungsamt 03677 600-238
  • social security office/Kultur- und Sozialamt 03677 600-343
  • building authority/Bauamt 03677 600-226
  • Sport- und Betriebsamt 03677 600-610
[Editor’s note: For information in English or assistance with translations into other languages, please contact Lisa (0152 059 02 113) or Steffi (0160 95495304)]

** 17 March 2020: Refugee Council Thuringia provides multilingual Information on their website **
The Refugee Council of Thuringia has collected several relevant sources of information on the Corona-Virus. It can be found at their website:

** 17 March 2020: All schools and kindergardens are closed in Thuringia **
Starting from today, all schools and kindergardens are closed in Thuringia until 19 April 2020. This was decided by the Thuringian Ministery of Education