– around the world

The idea of a photo project involving a mascot has also been added to the FERNWEH project since the 2012 summer semester. This is the so-called “travel bug”, a ladybug that loves to travel and travels the world with its backpack.

A stuffed animal was sewn in the form of a “travel bug” and people who travel take it with them. They then photograph themselves together with the "travel bug" at all possible places in the world. The resulting images are collected and published on the website and in other suitable forms for all interested parties.

This is intended to support the networking of students who are abroad and also to encourage students on the campus of the TU Ilmenau to study abroad. The Travelbug has traveled to each of the 5 continents in the last two years and has been to Canada, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, Senegal and several other countries.