Kitchen Run

At the Kitchen Run you can meet new people, look into other people's cooking pots and fill your stomach with a 3-course meal for the whole evening. It's like a dinner with changing company, where you "run" from kitchen to kitchen. Some may also know the concept of the event under the name “Running Dinner”.

The mission: You prepare either a starter, a main course or a dessert together with a friend. What each team is allowed to cook, along with the dates and locations for all courses, is emailed to them a few days before the event.

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You register alone* or in a team of 2 people by a previously announced date on the ISWI homepage (the earlier the better).

Three teams meet to eat one course of the menu. Chance decides the combination. The appetizer is eaten in Team A's apartment, shortly afterwards your team "runs" on. In a newly mixed round, you now eat the main course with team B.

You only have a short time to digest, because the next step is to continue. You "run" to the next house, from Team C, to enjoy the dessert there in yet another company.


There are no big rules. However, we recommend wearing a mask and keeping your distance as you wish.


* If you register alone, it does not mean that we will automatically find you a partner. However, if someone registers alone, we will of course suggest that you do it together.