Who doesn't know this: You're gripped by wanderlust, but everyday duties won't let you escape so quickly and easily.

But that doesn't mean you can't still explore the world!

Since the 2012 summer semester, a series of lectures on experiences abroad and travel has formed another part of the FERNWEH project. The event takes place once a month in cooperation with the bc student club on its premises.
The speakers report on how they came up with the idea, what preparations had to be made, and what they experienced. The lecture will be illustrated with pictures. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversation.


The aim of the event is to inform the students of the TU Ilmenau about other countries and cultures and to inspire them for international mobility. In addition, the lectures are intended to provide impetus to break down prejudices, to discover the world for yourself and to gain your own experiences. The speakers can provide important information based on their experiences. On the one hand, this can help to prepare well for a stay abroad and, on the other hand, it can prevent disappointments.

Past and Future Lectures:

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