hsf international

Since the 2011/2012 winter semester, we have been on the air every second week together with the hsf student radio – with the English-language radio show “hsf international”.

We invite international students from the TU Ilmenau as guests to every show and talk to them about their home countries and their experiences in Germany. This gives the listener the opportunity to learn interesting and new things about many different countries and cultures first-hand.
The program is enriched by music from the respective country, which the international guests bring with them.

Since the summer semester of 2014, the music program “worldwide music” has followed directly after the talk show. It complements the one and a half hour international talk show with a 30-minute insight into music from all over the world.
In each program, one or two artists* from the fields of world music, roots and folk as well as their music are presented in more detail.

Both programs are in English, thus enabling international exchange.

Broadcast date in the summer semester 2018:

Frequency: 98.1 FM, Stream: https://www.radio-hsf.de

  • Wednesdays (even calendar weeks)
    20:00 – 21:00 Talkshow