Fernweh Vortrag

What is a Wanderlust Lecture?

The Wanderlust Lecture brought to you by ISWI e.V., is a unique and captivating event shared by one of our fellow students who has recently explored different corners of the world, whether for leisure or as part of educational achievements like student conferences. Designed to inspire, inform, and ignite your inner traveler, these lectures explore deep into the experiences, knowledge, and adventures of students. These lectures are not just about wanderlust; they're about cultivating a sense of wonder, igniting curiosity, and inspiring you to believe that the world is full of possibilities, specially as a student.

Wanderlust Lecture
Wanderlust Lecture

Why Attend a Wanderlust Lecture?

Discover the World: Join us on an adventure as our fellow student speakers take you on a visual tour of their recent travels. Through captivating photos and videos, you'll virtually visit different destinations, gaining insights into their unique cultures, traditions, and landscapes.

Learn Practical Tips: Wondering how they made it happen? Our speakers will share their experiences of planning, budgeting, and preparing for their journeys. You'll pick up valuable tips on how to turn your own travel dreams into reality.

Find Inspiration: Wanderlust Lectures are not just about places; they're about the people and the stories that shape our world. Hear about encounters, friendships, workshops ,and life-changing moments that occurred along the way.

Connect with Like-Minded Explorers: Wanderlust Lectures are an opportunity to connect with fellow students who share your passion for global exploration. You might just find your next travel buddy!

ISWIB Wanderlust Lecture

Upcoming Event:
Date: Tuesday, November 7
Venue: bc-Club
Time: 7:30 pm (entrance at 7 pm)
Admission: Absolutely free!

On Tuesday, November 7, the first ISWI Wanderlust Lecture of the winter semester will take place at the bc-Club starting at 7:30 pm. Admission is free of charge. Manu (former head of the international department of StuRa) gives you impressions with photos and videos of his trips to Belgrade (Serbia) for the international student week ISWIB and the Erasmus project in Steinsholt (Norway) of Green Youth Mobility. Find out how he found the offers, how he prepared and what he experienced. In addition, you can receive some valuable tip for traveling. Come by and discover the world with us. The event is a cooperation of ISWI e.V. as a local Erasmus Initiative (LEI) with the bc-Club. For more information please visit our Website or Instagram.